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          1. Mike

            2nd Virtual Happy Hour

            After the great success of our first virtual happy hour on Zoom we are happy to announce our second go at hanging out via the internet. Our next happy hour will be Thursday, May 14th at 7pm Eastern time and will once again be available on the Zoom app. Because of security protocols on Zoom…

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            1st Virtual Happy Hour

            The world is a bit of a mess right now and with so many people stuck in their house, looking for human interaction we have decided to do what little part we can over here at United We Drink. With that said, in lieu of mini episodes for the time being we will begin doing…

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            Have a Question for the Show?

            What beer trends do you like?What beer trends do you want to see go away?If the moon were made out of ribs, would you eat? Want our opinion on something beer related (or life related)? We are now accepting questions for Q&A on the show. Submit your questions now and we may read them on…

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            (re)United We Drink

            Reboots usually aren’t great – look at Arrested Development. We’re not, by any stretch, trying to compare the original run of this poorly-produced, often absent-minded craft beer podcast to the genius of the original TV series. But sometimes the people that created something special feel the need to regroup and create again. The reunion and…

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